Women Business Owners:

Would you like to:

     attract your ideal clients

          sell your services easily

               and make more money?


Does this sound like you?


I have trouble

connecting with

my audience


Social media takes

way too much

of my time


I feel awkward

having my

picture taken


I feel overwhelmed

by the thought of

marketing my business

What if you had a promotional calendar and a library of images that would make marketing and connecting automatic?


Of all the professional photo shoots I have experienced, I will have to say this has been the absolute best. From the very beginning, Patty took me through a very unique process of helping me decide the best clothes, style and color matches.

— Coach Starr Claiborne

Claiborne International Coaching Group


I had so much fun working with Patty on my business branding. She asked lots of questions before we started to help me focus on how I wanted my brand represented. Patty really captured my vision for how I wanted to present myself and Project Style Interior Design. I can’t wait to work with her again!

— Kathy Phillips

Project Style Georgia, LLC

Imagine yourself saying:


I enjoy the

connection I

have with

my audience


I'm comfortable

in front of

the camera



my business

is quick

and easy


I have plenty of

time to do the

important work

in my business

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