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Do I really need to get new headshots?

5 signs that it's time

Your headshots could do with an update every 2 years in certain industries such as film and theater, 3-5 years for professionals. If you’re not sure, here are a few signs that you might need a refresh:

  1. You’ve aged. Have you ever seen an outdated headshot of an actor or singer? They’re sometimes laughable if, say, more than 30 years has passed since the photo was taken. In the same vein, if you’ve noticed some changes in the mirror, it’s probably a good idea to update your headshots. Realistically, your headshots need to look recent, so aging is the first good reason to consider updating your headshots. This is particularly important if visibility plays a role in your work.

  2. You’ve updated your look. Have you lost a significant amount of weight, changed your hair, or had surgery? This is another sign that it’s time to schedule another headshot session with your photographer. If your online pictures don’t match what you look like when people meet you for the first time, it almost feels like a bait-and-switch. You’re still the same person, but the difference can plant a seed of mistrust in your potential clients.

  3. Your current headshots are trendy. If the last time you took headshots you were wearing parachute pants and a single glove, it’s time to update your images! I’m sure it hasn’t since the 80s, but, unfortunately, trends never last long. So take a look at your headshots with a modern eye. Be honest with yourself; are they outdated? Choose a timeless look for your next set of headshots, and save the trends for your brand lifestyle photos.

  4. You’re often contacted to do work you’re uninterested in. Are you sending the right message with your headshots? Are you constantly having to justify your pricing? Do people act like they're doing you a favor by hiring you? Your headshot or profile image could be to blame. If you’re using a selfie or a candid taken at your cousin’s wedding, people might assume you don’t care that much about the work you do.

  5. People often don’t recognize you. Unless you’re in the beauty industry and do a full face of makeup and hairstyle for everyday work, using your glamour shots for business can lead to confusion. You want your headshots to look like you. If potential employers, clients, or business partners often tell you how different you look in person, you might want to update your headshots.

So, is it time to give your headshots an upgrade?

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