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Tired of firing your clients? Try this instead...

If you’ve ever had to fire a client (or maybe you didn’t fire them, but you wished you had), then you understand the importance of only working with the right people.

But how can you attract those “perfect” clients?

It’s important to be yourself in all of your marketing.

This means that if you’re copying the gurus in your market, STOP!!!

I don’t mean that you can’t look at what they’re doing and find out what seems to be working. But if you’re employing scripts that other people have written, using terms you wouldn’t ordinarily say, or copying their pictures and poses exactly, you’re pretending to be someone you’re not.

And when that happens, you risk turning off the very people who would be attracted to you.

The truth is, your very best clients will come to you because of you. Your personality. Your expertise. Your outlook on life.

Do you love dad jokes? Tell some! Are you mechanically minded? Explain how something works. Do you prefer one-on-one interactions? Write your marketing copy as if you’re sending a note to your best friend.

Whatever makes you you, do that.


Today, I have an exercise for you.

Find a social media post made by one of the “gurus” you admire. Analyze it. Figure out why it works. (Don’t think too hard; whatever you like about it is what attracted you to it.)

Then, rewrite the important information, but do it in your own voice. Only use words that sound like you.

Finally, once you’ve got the info in your voice, read it out loud.

If you stumble, it might not actually be in your voice.

How can you change it?

Keep rewriting and rewriting until it really sounds like you.

Now you’ve got a great starting point.

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