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What the heck does THAT mean?

Brand essence?


Unique selling proposition?!?!?

What in the world are you talking about?

There’s so much jargon in the branding and marketing world! I’m surprised anyone can keep it all straight.

Let’s look at a few buzzwords (is buzzword a buzzword?) that are a bit confusing.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is simply the way you choose to represent your business. It’s everything you use in your marketing, social media, and anywhere else your business exists. From tone of voice to style, colors, fonts, even the way you dress and speak. All of it reflects on your business.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is what others know about your business. Do they know you exist? Does what you’re trying to tell your audience actually match up with how they see your brand?

Brand Values

Brand values are the concepts that you want to accomplish through your business. Ideas like compassion, sustainability, and courage. Your specific brand values can help to draw your ideal clients to you, because they see that what’s important to them is also important to you.

Unique Selling Proposition

Your business’s unique selling proposition is basically how you differ from your competition. (In a good way!) Do you have a particular way of explaining it so that your ideal clients are more attracted to your brand? Maybe they connect with you on a personal level. Whatever your USP is, be sure to emphasize it in your marketing!

Be sure to join me next week, when I tell you that "collateral" is more than what the bank needs in order to give you a loan!

Do you need some help figuring out your Unique Selling Proposition? Do something nice for yourself.

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