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Where are my ideal clients?

I’m often asked, “Where do I find my ideal clients?”

The simple answer to that question is, “Wherever they are.”

I know, I know, that’s a smarty pants answer. But it IS true. And the more you know about your ideal clients, the more you’ll know where they are.

When you think about your ideal clients, where are they most likely to hang out? Do they have networks that they like to engage with?

Facebook is a pretty good catch-all for different kinds of people. If you do a search for the services you provide, you’ll probably find groups of your ideal clients that you can connect with.

Do they enjoy sharing pictures of their family? Try Instagram.

Do they like to DIY? You might find them on Pinterest.

Are you offering business to business services? LinkedIn could be just the right thing.

When you’re starting out marketing to your audience, start with ONE platform. That way, you’re concentrating your efforts so that they are more effective. Don’t add more platforms until you see results from what you’re already doing.

Who are your ideal clients? And where can you find them?


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